In the course of your treatment with Chinese medicine, you may be prescribed an herbal supplement.  Herbs are a pic_inside_05variety of naturally found products that have medicinal properties that add to the healthful benefits of acupuncture and massage.

Herbal formulas can be taken in a variety of ways: raw herbs, powdered, pill or capsules.  Raw herbs need to be cooked into a tea. Powder needs to be mixed with hot water making a tea.  Although we call it “tea”, some patients find the taste to be less than delicious.  For this reason many practitioners offer herbal supplements in pill form.

Chinese Herbal medicine & acupuncture are complimentary and often used together. A practitioner who makes use of herbs is familiar with most of the 1,800 herbs in the Chinese pharmacopia.

The use of Chinese herbs can be used to speed the healing process, strengthen, support or tonify the body.  When prescribed correctly, Chinese herbal formulas rarely cause unwarranted side-effects.

The Chinese describe what they understand about herbs as “energetics”.  The Chinese perspective on health provides us with a new way of seeing problems of health and creative new ways of healing.  Practitioners of Chinese medicine function from the perspective that it is more important to heal the patient that to be able to explain how it is done.

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